The Environment


Making a Difference

Our young people throughout St Helens have shown a real commitment in making the enviroment better!

 As well as taking part in a number of Environmental Projects, young people from our youth centres in Thatto Heath and Four Acre took part in a 14-month environmental sustainability project. Highlighting the problems we face with pollution in today's society and making suggestions about what we can all do to help keep St. Helens green, clean and help save the environment.

So Why Save Our Planet?

the information written below by Peer Educators and Youth Workers in Thatto Heath and Four Acre.


  • We live here
  • Want it to stay beautiful
  • Would like it to stay clean and stay safe for generations to care!

Because it is only us that can make a difference.

Go Green, Get Involved!!!

 St. Helens Youth Service will be offering a number of environmentally friendly eco-arts projects including;

- Recycled arts projects
- Recycled Fashion shows
- Community Clean Up schemes
- Junk Sculpture sessions

 So find out what's happening at your Local Youth Centres to get involved!!