St Helens Council Volunteering Opportunities

Active Travel Champion

Are you 16 and over and looking for a volunteering opportunity which is hands on and outdoors? do you have an interest in bicycles and think you could add something to the  Community Bike Hubs? St Helens is now the home of six Community Bike Hubs (Located at Taylor Park, Victoria Park, Sherdley Park, Four Acre Community Centre, Bold Miners and Sankey Valley Visitors Centre). The aim of the scheme is to get people more active and to increase peoples confidence when riding a bike, the hubs also provide an opportunity to engage with others on a social level. In order to be effective in this volunteering opportunity, you will need to be able to work with people of all ages and backgrounds and be willing to learn and develop new skills.

What will volunteering include?

There are different roles that people can help out with in this project:

• Helping us maintain the bikes at the hubs

• Leading group bike rides

• Promoting active travel and cycling at various events

The long term goal is to have the hubs being self-sufficient and run by trusted volunteers who can gain access to the keys.

For more information about this opportunity take a look at the job description

Contact Us:

Email: cycling@Sthelen.gov.uk or Stewart.Walsh@sustrans.org.uk

Tel: 01744 676174 or Stewart Walsh: 07501017689

Facebook: SustransStHelens

Twitter: @SustransStew


Youth for Volunteering (Y4V)


The Y4V project (Youth for Volunteering) rewards young people with certificates recognicsing the valuable volunteering that young people do.

You can volunteer at your local youth service, you will recieve a certificate for the volunteering hours you do, and the more you do, the more certificate you earn. you can

gain valuble experience working with other young people and professionals, volunteering here may also open doors to other opportunities which may benefit you!


If you are interested in volunteering visit https://do-it.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/DoItUK

You can also volunteer in your pj’s visit http://helpfromhome.org/ to find out how

It’s easy to register, simply download the application form or contact us and we will send you one out 


For more information, please call: 01744 675574

St Helens Children in Care Council


What is the Children in Care Council?

The children in care council are a group of around 27 young people, who are looked after by St Helens Council. The young people meet once a month to talk about the issues that matter the children in care. What they discuss is recorded and actions are often agreed to progress any issues that are raised.

What We Do?

The Children in Care Council meet monthly to try and make things better for children in care. At meetings we agree what we are going to work on together. We often work in small groups to make sure that everyone gets heard, even the quiet voices. When we have our ideas together, we then meet with the Director of Children's Services and the Lead Member for Children and Young People. These people listen to us and look at how we can make changes. We also get the chance to go on activities together. Recently we have been bowling as a way of getting to know new members and gone on an outdoor pursuits day, doing raft building and climbing.

Visit the Children in Care Council website for more information