What is a Youth Health Champion?

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As a Youth Health Champion you will be willing to inspire and encourage other young people at your college, school, in your local community, or perhaps at a club you attend, to learn more about how to look after their own health. You will encourage young people to make life style changes that will help them keep themselves safe and take fewer risks.

You will be motivated and have an interest in helping others to live healthier lives.





What are the key duties and responsibilities of a Youth Health Champion?

  • To choose a health topic you are passionate about and help other young people to learn more about it.
  • To create your own campaign on the internet, such as using social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, to help reach as many young people in St.Helens as possible.
  • To take part in all training provided and learn more about health issues which can affect young people, such as; sexual health, emotional wellbeing, safeguarding, healthy eating, smoking, drug misuse and alcohol awareness.
  • To work with professional staff from St.Helens Council and within Health Care Services.
  • To hold small group talks and presentations with young people about your chosen health topic.
  • To make sure young people know where to find information and support about your chosen health topic and who they can go to for help!
  • To create your own campaign about your chosen health topic, such as using posters, leaflets and flyers or to create a display/noticeboard in a place where young people will see it.