Why Exercise is important?

Exercise releases natural chemicals that improve your mood and act as natural painkillers. Being active also has other benefits: Taking part in physical activity is a great way to meet people. And it can be a chance to give you a well-deserved break from a busy lifestyle– to find some quiet time. Leading an active life can also help improve your self-esteem and your confidence.

How much physical activity should you do?

heart Children aged 5-18 need a minimum of 1hour of moderate physical activity per

heart Adults over the age of 18 need at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at
       least 5 days per week.

heart  Physical activity doesnt have to be going to the gym or running around it can be    
        much more simple by doing things such as walking the dog or cyling to and from
        work, these are still counted as performing physical activity.

What we have to offer!

 heart Lifestyle Referral-

 The lifestyle referral team give advice and support to local people 16+ who want to become more physically active in their daily lives whatever their ability. Whether you want to improve your fitness, lose weight or get a bit more active, we will help you find something that works.
Once you join the programme you will have a health check, discuss your fitness level and any medical conditions you may have. You will then discuss which activity is most suited to you. There is a wide range of different activities to choose from including Tai Chi, Circuits, Core Stability, gym sessions through to our specialist classes including cardiac, falls and chair based exercise.
To join Choices Lifestyle Referral just asks your GP/Practice Nurse to refer you to the Healthy Living Team.

heart Teen Academy -

 Teen academy is part of the healthy living programme and provides a FREE weekly gym based session at the beacon building gym for teens aged 13-19. These sessions are run by experienced and qualified staff who will provide a personal programme suited to your personal goal.

Whatever your personal goal is such as weight loss, strength gain, toning up the staff will guide you each step of the way to achieve your goals.

 Not only can we help with your exercising we can also help make other lifestyle changes around your food education with our Healthy Living Food Team.


heart Health Trainer support-

Our health trainers provide support and motivation to local people wanting to make positive changes toward a healthier lifestyle. They can also give help and advice on: losing weight, reducing alcohol intake, stopping smoking, increasing fitness and improving overall mental health and welbeing.

The health Trainers also offer free health checks available to teenagers 16 and above, this cover’s all aspects such as height, weight, blood pressure, waist measurements, BMI, cholesterol tests and also diabetes testing.

The tests are based in different venues across St helens: Check out Health check clinics too see where your nearest health check is.

To book an appointment call 0300 300 0103