Mental Health and Welbeing

Mental Health

Why mental health is important?

Having good mental health and wellbeing is important because it shapes how you think and feel about yourself as well as others. Your mental health can also affect how you deal with everyday life events, such as relationships and coping with change. Don’t hide thinking it is just you. Everybody feels a range of emotions. It is how you deal with it that will make a difference. It is important for everyone to look after their mental health just as they look after their physical health

 Having a physically active lifestyle can help to raise your self-worth and improve your confidence. Exercise and physical activity can improve your social life and provide you with a goal or target  to aim for; which can provide you with a sense of purpose.

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Time to Change

heart Don’t avoid the issue of a mental health issue
If someone comes to you to talk, try not to brush them off. Someone people are worried they will make a problem worse or won’t know what to do. Remember that someone asking for support can be a hard step for them to take.

heart Ask how you can help
People will want support at different times in different way, so ask how you can help. You might not always be the person who can directly help, sometimes it supporting someone to seek more professional help such as visiting their GP or a local support service.

What can you do?

Mental health applies to everyone. It is about the way we think, the way we feel and the way we behave. It is about being able to manage the stresses of life and functioning well.

Everyone can feel fed up or sad. These feelings can last two or three weeks and not really interfere with our daily lives. Sometimes though there is a reason why we feel a little flat, and at other times there is not. We tend to usually manage, perhaps talking to friends or family about how we feel, but this is where help stoops for many people.

The Live Life Well website http://www.live-lifewell.net/ is full of information to help you manage your mental wellbeing. It hopes to help you feel mentally well offering lifestyles advice, information on what access locally and how to receive further support.

If you start eating well, exercising well, socialising well, managing well and thinking well can improve your mental wellbeing, and follow the self-help section based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Problems.


Self- Help uses techniques that you learn to help you manage your mental health situations or problems that arise.

This includes:

  Healthy Living Logo  Learning about your condition and what’s happening

  Healthy Living Logo  Altering unhelpful behaviour

  Healthy Living Logo  Noticing and challenging unhelpful thinking

  Healthy Living Logo   Problem solving

  Healthy Living Logo  Goal setting

This approach is proved to be extremely helpful when experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties.

You may benefit from attending the Get Yourself Going programme which deals with long term mental health conditions, for more information or to download the application document check out the Get Yourself Going page or call us on 0300 300 0103

Mental Health Head