The Importance of Breakfast

Breakfast has often been described as the most important meal of the day. Both children preparing for a hard day at school and busy parents going to work and looking after the kids need to start the day with the right 'fuel' to keep them going.

Breakfast literally means "Breaking the Fast" from the last meal or snack from the day before. For most people this will be at least 8-10 hours, and for children who eat earlier in the evening, it can be as long as 16hrs! Energy levels are therefore low in the mornings, and your body needs an energy boost, in the form of food, to kick start the day.

StudiesĀ have shown that eating breakfast regularly leads to improved mood and better memory. Breakfast eaters also tend to be less stressed and feel calmer. Adults perform better in most tasks after eating breakfast, and children who eat breakfast perform better in school.

Find information on healthy breakfast foods and recipes

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