Staying in Control of Your Life

How many times have you agreed to do something that a friend wants to do just to avoid an argument? This is a good way to keep a friend but could lead to big problems!

As we move through life from adolesence to adulthood, we find ourselves faced with more and more decisions.

All of us have experienced pressure at one time or another. But the key is to know when to say 'No' and not to be afraid to stand up for your views!

Top Tips - Staying in Control

  • When you say No, mean No!
  • Don't live in fear of anything, always tell someone
  • Make up your own mind, don't let your friends pressure you
  • Ignore people if thy are taunting you, they're not worth your time!
  • Walk Away from temptation
  • You have free choice, and most importantly you have as much right to feel safe as anyone else