Crime & Justice


Although crime in St. Helens continues to fall, anyone can be affected by crime, at any time in their life.

No matter what your age is, if you are affected by crime, or know someone who is committing a crime, it can be a very upsetting and scary experience.

Don't suffer alone, it is important that you report it, so that people who do the wrong thing and hurt others in your community are brought to justice!

Keeping Safe - Top Tips!!!

Check out the related pages for some information about crime, and how to keep yourself safe.

Safer St.Helens


Did you know that in St. Helens, the Police, the Council and the Fire Service, along with other agencies such as Helena Partnerships - all work together to try and reduce crime and to keep St. Helens a safe place to live, work and visit for everyone?This is called a Community Safety Partnership. In St. Helens the partnership is known as Safer St. Helens! Safer St Helens Website.