An Update from St Helens MYP

Publish date - Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Over the weekend of 27th July 2018,  I attended a very important annual event called the UKYP annual sitting, during the weekend I voted on what motions will be going in the UKYP manifesto which in turn is put on the make your mark ballot, then in November, UKYP will once again meet to debate which motions will be campaigned on. The annual sitting is a very important event which sets out what is in the UKYP manifesto, our beliefs, as well as planning for the future. As the Member of Youth Parliament for St Helens, I am hoping to meet with the local MP’s  as well as the Mayor to discuss many matters, which include transport issues relating to young people and making St Helens a younger person-friendly place. In future the St Helens youth council will be campaigning on very significant issues relating to curriculum for life and the transport issues in St Helens.

 Kian Jepson

St Helens Member of Youth Parliament

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