Your voice matters...

The Youth Justice Service holds bi-monthly Youth Forum meetings to talk about various topics affecting children and young people today! We are also curious about how we can make our work more meaningful and relatable to you.


We believe that having a positive relationship with your Case Manager is key to help you make a positive change in your life. You have told us that these qualities are important to you:




It is important that we capture your capture and do something about it, here are some examples of how we made that happen since January 2020:


Children asked us to set up more projects delivered by adults who they can relate to.

○ Youth Justice Service have continued to work with CELLS Project and set up new projects with St Helens Probation Service and Care Leaver's Association.

○ Children said they rather not do litter picking as part of Reparation as it is embarrassing. Children said they would prefer to do gardening, maintenance work, food banks, mentoring and coaching.

○ Youth Justice Service have listened to you and set up new projects within the local community. 

○ Children said they would like new online resources as part of their intervention sessions.

○ Youth Justice Service have set up an 'Online Resource Catalogue' which includes videos, films, and informative website which can be used as part of your sessions.


How have we helped?


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Simona on 01744 677990 or simonakiliotaityte@sthelens.gov.uk