What is the Barnardo's Service at YJS?

The BOSS Barnardo's Service at YJS is a therapeutic service offering confidential counselling and therapeutic work and support for child and young people working with the Youth Justice Service.


What is Counselling?

Counselling is an opportunity to talk through or make sense of any issues that are troubling you. We can work with you using creative materials, play, activities, story telling and art as well as talking. The counsellor at YJS is professionally qualified and experienced in working with young people. The counsellor will support you to feel comfortable and will listen carefully to you in confidence, without judging you. It can be helpful to work together with a counsellor to explore difficulties and find different ways of understanding them. Everyone is unique and so everyone’s difficulties and goals are unique to.


Is it a confidential Service?

Yes, confidentiality is very important with this service. Any information you share with the counsellor will be treated with respect and will not be disclosed to anyone outside Barnardo's or YJS unless agreed. The exception to this would be if we believe you or someone else was at risk of harm. If this is the case your counsellor will pass of the relevant information to the appropriate people.


Where will the sessions take place?

Counselling sessions will take place in a designated space that will be agreed with yourself. This will be a safe, private and comfortable space that should be easily accessible and appropriate to your needs. Sessions can also take place, over the phone, via video call and text.


How can counselling help me?

You might feel better from just telling someone what is bothering you and from knowing that they have listened and understood you. You might want to change something, sort out a problem or make a decision. Your counsellor can work through this with you. The counselling service can also help with deeper emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, self-harm or managing uncomfortable feelings.


How can I access the support?

If you are working the Youth Justice Service you can request this support by speaking to your case manager.


How long are sessions and how many can I have?

Counselling sessions are generally set for one hour, however they can be shorter if you wish, you have the choice. Counselling usually occurs once a week and may last for just a few sessions or can be longer term, depending on your needs. This will be reviewed regularly between you and your counsellor.