Targeted Youth Work


  1. To improve outcomes for young people related to their health and well-being and their personal and social development
  2. To reduce the escalation to specialised services 3) To encourage a positive change in a young person's life


We will build positive relationships with young people based on trust and mutual respect and help them to overcome any n difficulties. We will work with them to encourage the skills, confidence and self-esteem that they need to make positive changes and fulfill their potential. We invest our time into delivering an innovative service to young people through a variety of programmes and interventions in agreement and cooperation with young people.

Our targeted support service will include:


  • One to One Casework - Level 2 (Age 11-18 and up to 25 with additional needs)

The Youth Service will work with one to one with young people with a variety of needs. Where a young person requires one-to-one support they can be referred to the Youth Service. The Youth Service will work with the young person to discuss their needs and to develop an action plan for support.

 We will also be working with young people identified as low risk of Child exploitation (criminal and sexual) who are not open to MACE and not receiving support from Catch 22 who will work with medium and high risk.

  • Group Work  - Schools (Year 6-Year 7)

The Youth Service will deliver Issue based work to groups of young people in schools for free if a need is identified. The Coordinator will use the one to one referrals and communication with pastoral leads and other professionals to identify any geographical patterns of concerns and will target their work accordingly. TAZ deliver group work in schools on a variety of issues with year 8 upwards.


  • Group Work—Community

The Youth Service will deliver group sessions of an evening in varying areas in St Helens on a quarterly basis. Professionals can refer young people to these groups if they feel they will benefit from attending.

The issue based sessions will be organised and delivered based on needs identified through any geographical patterns of behaviour or concerns and work be targeted accordingly in localities in St Helens.


  • Detached Youth Work

Two outreach teams will work with young people on the streets every Friday evening. Youth Workers will deliver informal education and targeted interventions to reduce the risk of young people becoming involved in exploitation.