St Helens Youth Council


St Helens Youth Council, supported by St Helens Council, enables young people of St Helens to have a voice in local decision making and to take part in projects to address the issues that affect them.

In November 2016, the Youth Council Cabinet was elected, along with the Committee Leads.

The St Helens Youth Council has four committees:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Learning and Leisure
  • Crime and Disorder
  • Safeguarding

Each committee has taken on one of these priorities, which have been agreed by the Youth Council. They have produced a manifesto which sets out what actions the Youth Council will take to try and address these issues on behalf of all children and young people in St.Helens.

We started small and as a School-based Youth Council, but moved over to a community based Youth Council last year. We believe this will help us reach more of the Young people in St Helens and have them engage with the Youth Council. Since becoming a community based Youth Council we are hoping to have regular monthly meetings which will coincide with the St Helens Council meetings.

We will now be redeveloping a School Based model to allow the Youth Council to be more diverse and representative of the youth of St Helens.

We assist and get support from our Member of the National Youth Parliament, who is able to gather information and resources from North West Youth Forum and the British Youth Council, by attending meetings and conventions nationwide.



 Contact Details

Youth Council Contact Officer: Helen McCabe, Youth Service Manager, St Helens Council
Email Address: helenmccabe@sthelens.gov.uk
Telephone Number: 01744 675574


Participation and Citizenship Worker: Nazia Nabi, St Helens Council

Email Address: nazianabi@sthelens.gov.uk

Telephone Number: 01744675924

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