If you are pregnant...

If you (or your partner) are pregnant and would like to end the pregnancy, help is available. We don’t provide an abortion service at the TAZ clinic, but we can make appointments on your behalf and help you to make any arrangements you might need to get there.

Even if you’re under 16 you can choose to have an abortion, and the service is usually free.  As long as the doctor or nurse think you can understand what this involves, you can consent to this without having to involve your parents or carers. At TAZ we understand that there may be many reasons why you might not want to tell anybody about your decision to end a pregnancy, but we will always try to ensure that you have a responsible adult that you can talk to (this could be an older family member of friend that you trust).

At TAZ our only aim is to ensure that you're safe and that you're able to make informed choices about what you do. We wont judge or tell you what you have to do.  TAZ provides a confidential service, even for under 16's.

See the links below for more information about choosing to end a pregnancy:

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If you would like to make an appointment yourself or ask anything about abortion services you can call the British Pregnancy Advisory Service  (BPAS) on 03457 304030 or visit their website.