I think I'm pregnant...

If you are pregnant or think you might be...

It's important that you act as quickly as possible - come to TAZ or visit your Doctor.
If you're worried because you've had unprotected sex or an 'accident' (eg split condom or missed pill) within the last 5 days you can get Emergency Contraception (it works best if you take this as soon as you can).
Even if you are too late to get Emergency Contraception, come to TAZ to discuss what other options are available to you.

When should I have a pregnancy test?

After a missed period or two weeks after unprotected sex.

Where can I have a test?

You can come to TAZ for a pregnancy test and we can also support you with any decisions you need to make (see Pregnancy Choices below)

They are also available from NHS Walk In Centre, Family Planning Clinics or your Doctor. They can also be bought from most supermarkets and chemists.

How do I take a test?

At TAZ we will ask you to give us a urine (wee) sample, and the test only takes a few minutes. The result will be more accurate if you haven't had a wee for a couple of hours before you do the test.
If you decide to buy a pregnancy test to do at home, be sure to follow the instructions very carefully and remember to come to TAZ or another clinic for further advice.
If your pregnancy test is negative (not pregnant) you will need another test the following week if your period has still not started.

Pregnancy choices

If you ARE pregnant, you have three choices:

  • You can continue with the pregnancy (and become a parent)
  • You can have a termination (also called an abortion) to end the pregnancy - more information here
  • You can continue with the pregnancy and have the baby adopted at birth.

Whatever YOU decide, staff at TAZ are here to help and to support you to make the right decision for you.

If you are NOT pregnant, ask at TAZ about contraception to avoid worries in the future.

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