Emergency Contraception (the morning after pill)

What does it do?

Emergency Contraception can prevent you from becoming pregnant if you've had unprotected sex or something goes wrong with your usual form of contraception (such as a split condom or missed pill).

It's available for FREE and can be taken up to 5 days* (120 hours) after this happens, but is much more likely to be effective the sooner it's taken (ideally within the first 24 hours) - so you need to act quickly!

(* available for 5 days in St. Helens, other areas may only provide it for up to 3 days after)

Who can use it?

If you can get pregnant, you can get Emergency Contraception - even if you are under 16.

Where can you get free Emergancy Contraception?

You can get it free from:


Chemists (Check this list for your nearest chemist - but please remember - you should try to call ahead to make sure the person who can issue emergency contraception for free will be there, otherwise you might have to pay for it!)

Sexual Health Family Planning Clinics - click to open a list of local clinics

School Nurse, if your school has Clinic In A Box (Cowley, Haydock High, Rainford High, Rainhill High, Sutton Academy, Penkford and Launchpad)

Your Doctor

NHS Walk In Centre (Downstairs Mon to Sat between 7am and 10pm, Sunday 9am to 10pm)

What to do after 5 days

If you think you're too late to get Emergency Contraception you should visit TAZ as soon as possible for further advice and options.


Important things to remember about Emergency Contraception: It is not a regular form of contraception - It's for emergencies only - It won't protect you against STI's - The sooner you take it, the more likely it is to work - Always try to get it as soon as you can.