What people say about us

When young people first access YPDAAT, they are often woried about what the service will be like and if it can really help them.

Check out this page, to read stories from some of our service users about how YPDAAT has helped them. You can also check out quotes from the parents of some of our service users, some of the young people who have completed group work with our team.

What young people think:

"My worker helped me to cut down my cannabis use and life is a lot more chilled"

"YPDAAT helped me to make positive changes. It's not as bad as it sounds and can really change your life"

"YPDAAT staff have always been there for me when i needed support"

Young people who have completed YPDAAT group work think:

"It was good to learn about what different drugs and alcohol can do, because I didnt have a clue at first"

"I learned about the risks around drugs and alcohol and where to go for help if I needed it"

"I learned how to look after myself and be responsible"

"Very good lessons, very interesting, loved it!"

What parents think:

"After working with YPDAAT, my child is much happier in himself, he's stopped using cannabis and his moods have really improved. I found the service really helpful to him and me as a parent."

"I'm grateful for the time that YPDAAT spent supporting my child and believe it to be a beneficial service for young people."

" I've seen big improvements in my son, he's back to his old self and happy again. YPDAAT were brilliant at keeping the family involved so that we could support each other at home"


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