Parents can have a very positive influence through their own approach to alcohol. Rules are different from family to family when it comes to drinking alcohol. Role model an approach to your regular drinking habits that you would like your child to copy. Research shows that riskier drinking behaviours by parents are reflected more often in the behaviour of their children. 

Boundaries are a vital part of healthy child development.  It can be hard to impose a structure or boundaries, either for fear of unpopularity or because of an aversion to confrontation or discipline.  Reassure yourself that children with no clear limits or safety net are often unpredictable, anxious and unable to self-regulate and can find it hard to make good decisions and avoid the negative influence of their friends. 

Be aware, teenagers do not exhibit the sedative effects of alcohol in the same way as adults do so it is easy to look at them and think they had had less to drink than they actually have. 

Our ACE Pledge is a great place to start when it comes to setting new boundaries and putting a lid on underage drinking. 

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