Young People's Drug and Alcohol Team (YPDAAT)

Happy New Year from YPDAAT

Its New Year's Resolution time.  Why not make yours more meaningful this year, by deciding to change your relationship with drugs and alcohol?  More and more young people choose not to use substances, and more adults are deciding to reduce their drug and alcohol use, or stop all together. Dry January is a great opportunity to have a month off, allow your health and wellbeing to reset, and try a 'New Normal' for yourself and your family. 


Do you want to to feel more confident in talking to your children about drugs and alcohol?  YPDAAT can help!

Research tells us that parents have the biggest impact on their children's decisions to use drugs and alcohol, and that having open and honest conversations and clear and consistent boundaries can really help your children make positive choices.  Lots of parents worry that they don't know enough abouts drugs to be able to speak to their children, or that they don't really know how to start these conversations. 

YPDAAT are holding regular, confidential, group sessions for parents to come together help enhance their knowledge around drugs and alcohol, and increase their confidence in talking to their children about substance use.

Feedback from parents on our previous sessions has included “I received some good techniques to use and address substance use with my child.” “Very good and informative session, it was good hearing from other parents.” “I am confident I can apply this to my son.”

The next session will be arranged soon.  If you're interested call 01744 675605 or email ypdaat@sthelens.gov.uk and we can reserve your place.




St Helens Young People's Drug and Alcohol Team (YPDAAT), provide young people and their families in St Helens with a range of interventions to help them to make informed choices around drug and alcohol use in order to achieve their full potential.

Despite what you might think, most young people chose not to use drugs or alcohol. Of those that do most young people will grow out of this without any issues.


What we do

  • We are here to help you to make healthy choices, to prevent you getting into risky situations due to drug and alcohol use.
  • We are a confidential service, working with young people aged up to 19.
  • We can offer help and support in cutting down, quitting or being safe and provide one to one sessions with your own keyworker.
  • All staff are trained in nicotine replacement therapy to help you stop smoking.  We also offer STI screening and C-Card services. 
  • We can also offer complimentary therapy sessions to help relaxation and show you other ways to chill out.

What we don't do

  • Tell you off
  • Tell your parents/carers, unless we think you are at risk of harm to yourself or others
  • Tell you should be doing
  • Make decisions about you without you knowing

What to expect

  • A friendly service
  • An initial appointment where we introduce ourselves and tell you more about what the team offers
  • The opportunity to ask any questions and tell us a bit more about what is going on for you
  • Appointments with your keyworker at suitable times and places for you
  • Support for as long as you feel you want to receive it