About The Youth Service (Practitioners)

St. Helens Council Youth Service sits within the Children and Young People's Services Department

The service provides universal programmes that add value to the targeted and specialist offer of partners.

Building on these improvements, we have developed a wide range of new interventions that are responsive to children and young people's needs - bound by clear, professional guidance.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a challenging and full range of opportunities that develops and supports children and young people to enable a smooth transition from childhood to adulthood. St. Helens Youth Service will target children and young people who face particular disadvantages, recognising that some people have greater needs than others. This will be achieved in a challenging, safe environment.

What is Youth Work?

Youth work is the personal and social development of children and young people, provided through informal education programmes and activities. Youth work has distinctive characteristics including;


the voluntary engagement of children and young people;
children and young people's active involvement in different features of local youth provision;
the use of informal education as the primary method of youth work; and;
a flexible approach to provision, which is responsive to their preferences.

Best Play

What play provision should do for children (NPFA, 2000), a fundamental document for the play sector, describes how children benefit from a variety of play opportunities and how play services and spaces can provide these benefits. The seven objectives described in Best Play apply to all play provision. The objectives are broad statements, intended to set out how play values and principles can be put into practice.