The ACE Pledge - Put a lid on underage drinking

undefinedMore young people than ever are telling us that they are choosing not to drink alcohol. In St Helens we want young people to be happy and healthy and choosing not to drink alcohol is a big part of this - an alcohol free childhood is the best option to reduce the risks and harms caused by underage drinking. Parents can have a significant impact on the decisions their children make and you can help by signing the pledge.

Alcohol use amongst young people can lead to a number of unplanned, unwanted and serious consequences including overdosing which would require immediate medical treatment. Young people tell us that when they don't drink alcohol they enjoy themselves more, can remember what has happened the night before, less likely to do something they regret afterwards, feel safer when they are out, are more active and healthy, avoid getting into trouble and more focused at school. Chief Medical Officers tell us that an alcohol free childhood is the best option and young people should avoid all alcohol until the age of at least 16 years old.

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